Business Intelligence & Analytics

Information, speed, teamwork

"The sales budget has to be submitted to purchase and production area; the business functions are finalizing the budget of indirect costs. After receiving all the data from the managers, the economic forecast can be consolidated. The product mix has changed and adjustments will be needed. There is few time left and probably no time to build at least one alternative scenario."   

Decisions are complex processes involving many people, a tight schedule, and they require alternative solutions.
The Business Intelligence and Performance Management solutions that we design turn decision-making into a simple, fast, flexible, shared process.   

With one click you can:

  • update an income statement   
  • change the costs and check the new margin    
  • analyse the cash flow and the financial standing
  • share figures and assessments with others  

Market Sectors

We make our expertise available to you

                            Food Industry
                            Wine, beer and spirits
                            Food for breeding
                            Clothing and footwear
                            Proprietary stores and franchise stores networks
                             Furniture and components for pieces of furniture
                            Timber industry
                            Other productions
                            Plastic products
                            Metalworking industry
                            Mass-produced and on order machine tools
                            Components for passenger cars
                            Apparatus and instruments for dentists
                            Industrial turnkey plants
                            Metal doors and windows
                            Ophthalmic lenses
                            Trade and distribution
                            Distribution and retail